10 Tips: Home working

10 Tips: Home working

Most people have to work from home the upcoming weeks. At first, you probably didn’t mind this that much. Homeworking, that sounds like freedom right? The first days went probably well, enjoying the freedom and no colleagues to distract you… But then the boredom and other distractions are kicking in. Catching yourself staring at the wall many times for half an hour, does that sound familiar? You start working and two hours later, suddenly, your whole house is clean, huh? Because even in these times, cleaning can be a nice distraction (wish it was always like that). For now, we just have to accept it that we have to work from home. This might be easy for one, but difficult for the other. Actually, we are quite used to working at home. Therefore, we provide you with 10 tips how to make homeworking more fun and more effective!

1.Working space
Create a good working spot for yourself. This may sounds logically, but trust us, this is so important. If you have an extra room in your house, then use this room as your home office. We think it works if you create a ‘new’ space in your house where you can work from. If you always stay in your living room, you don’t have the feeling that you ‘go to work’. It makes it feel boring, and when you close your laptop you are still ‘at work’, because you are in the same room. If you don’t have an extra room for creating an office, then use the biggest table you have, clean it, empty it (the least distractions as possible) and center your laptop in the middle. Are you done for the day? Then decorate it nicely again and put your laptop somewhere else. Try to create this working space where there is a lot of brightness. Brightness helps to keep you focused!


2.Move regularly
When working from home, the likelihood that you won’t move that much is probably very high. Having regular breaks that include a bit of movement are so important!  If you are still allowed to go outside, then try to plan small breaks so where you can enjoy a walk. If you are not allowed to just go outside, then go for a walk to the supermarket and get your daily groceries during for example your lunch break. If you prefer to stay inside, or just can’t go out, then  try to move around a bit in your house. Maybe do a short exercise or a little dance! 🙂


3.Make a to-do list
If you want to make your day organised and productive, then try to make a to-do list what you have to do this week. You can then divide the tasks over the days of this week. In this way, you will know what you have to do each day and you feel more productive and more satisfied when you are done with your working day! Also, this will lead to less distraction and maybe even more focus since you have a goal each day. Admit it, it always feels good if you can cross out another task!


As mentioned before, try to keep your working space tidy and clean! Mess is maybe one of the biggest distractions ever… If you don’t have the possibility to work in a spare room, but you have to work in either your bedroom or living room, then really try to keep this room clean. It may sound logical, but for most of us this might be more difficult than it sounds 😉


5.Change working spots
If you have to possibility at home, try to change your working spots on a regular basis. Don’t stay the whole day at the same spot. This can have negative effects on your focus and even your inspiration. If you change your spot so now and then it is easier to stay focused and it even leads to more inspiration. How do we do this? Usually I change spots before and after lunch, so my day is kind of divided into two parts. Even if you change seats at the same table, from facing the window to facing the kitchen, the wall or another part of your house, can already work!


6.Maintain hours
This is so so so important… People easily tend to overwork (or even under-work) when working from home. For some it might be difficult to create a structure in your new working life. Try to maintain your normal working hours. Do you usually go to the office from 09.00-17.00? Then also work those hours at home. And even here, try to implement regular breaks during your day. Short breaks are important! Then, keep in mind, close your laptop when working time is over (and you completed all your tasks of course…). Try not to overwork!


7.Create routine
This comes together with maintaining working hours. Try to create routine in your days. This may be difficult since the whole family is home now. Maybe it even works for you if you keep the same routine as how you would do it when going to work. For us routine means structure in your day! Wake up, drink a cup of coffee, relax, take a shower, have breakfast and get to work. Then after work, have dinner, maybe a workout and going to sleep at regular times. Just keep in mind here that rest when waking up and when going to bed are really important. Clear your mind…


8.Get dressed 😉 
This may sound a bit strange to you, but when you work from home it is more likely that you keep on your pyjama or chill outfit! Which makes sense, why would you get changed if you don’t even need to leave the house? Well, we assure you that if you get changed (take a shower, wear make-up etc.) you will feel more productive. You will start your day with the feeling that you have to go somewhere and that you have to do something. If you skip this and just keep on your chill outfit, you may feel lazier throughout the day. Give it a try!


Some people want a silent background when they have to work, but some may like a bit of background music. We have a tip for you, even if you prefer a silent background… Say hi to Spotify and their amazing playlists! Sometimes we just like to listen to our own playlists with our favourite music, but it can also be really peaceful to listen to quit and relaxing background sounds, like nature sounds or piano music. Check below our playlist recommendations! 

Spotify playlists

<- Peaceful Retreat

Yoga & Meditation ->


Now that you are working from home, you maybe have more time to treat yourself with good and healthy food! Usually we stress the evening before with making food for the next day. This always means late night cooking, boxed food, microwave at work etc. We see it as a positive thing that we can now cook our lunch on the day itself! We love fresh food and it is so relaxing to have a break and cook a nice meal for yourself. Below you see some tips for lunch and baking recipes that get you through the day! 🙂

Healthy recipe banana bread
Best Banana Bread Ever
Peanut Butter Cake
Peanut Butter Cake
Blueberry Lemon Cake
Sandwich with Avocado and Mushroom
Egg Cottage cheese avocado roasted chickpeas chicken
High Protein Lunch


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