Precaffeinated Status

Precaffeinated Status
Are you familiar with the term ‘being precaffeinated’? Well, we certainly do! Being precaffeinated is the state of not having yet your first cup of coffee in the morning. How does this feel? Tiredness, headache and lack of concentration? Three cups of coffee later and you hopefully feel better. But instead, you feel nervous, anxious and you have shaky hands. Does this really sound better than the precaffeinated state? We don’t think so. Lately, we try to reduce the cups of coffee a day from 4 till 2. Actually, it’s stupid that you can’t live without your cup of coffee and that you feel so depended. Waking up with coffee as one of your first thoughts. Believe us, trying to reduce it makes you feel less depended and you will enjoy your cup of coffee way more!
In The Netherlands, the recommended daily intake of caffeine for adults is around 400 mg per day, which is around 4 cups of coffee. Did you know that tea also contains caffeine? It contains less caffeine than coffee, but still one cup of black tea (250 ml) contains around 50 mg of caffeine. Even green tea contains around 50 mg of caffeine per cup! There are teas that don’t contain any caffeine, like herbal teas. If you want to reduce your caffeine intake, try to make teas yourself with mint leaves, lemon slices or fresh ginger.
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