Breakfast Pancakes

Breakfast Pancakes

Is there a better way than waking up with the smell of fresh homemade pancakes? We don’t think so! Within 20 minutes you will have this delicious breakfast ready on your plate. What are you waiting for?

Ingredients for 2 persons:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 egg
  • 80 grams of whole wheat flour
  • a bit of milk (skimmed)
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • 100 grams of raspberries
  • 100 grams of  blueberries
  • some quark to spread on the pancakes
  • some oil or butter for baking


Mash the banana and whisk the egg. Put this together and add the flour and cocoa powder. Mix everything together and add the milk, the mixture does not need to be too liquid. Keep the mixture a bit thick. Heat some oil or butter in a pan and start baking the pancakes. When you bake them, put a lit on the pan. After 1 à 2 minutes (when the top is almost cooked), flip the pancake around and bake for about half a minute. Repeat this with the rest of the mixture. In the meantime, heat the raspberries and blueberries in a pan until it gets a bit of a sauce. Serve the pancakes with the quark and pour the berry sauce over it. 

For the real chocolate lovers: add some pieces of dark chocolate

Nutritional value per portion:

346 calories – 56.0 g carbohydrates – 8.6 g fat, 2.1 g saturated fat – 12.6 g protein – 9.5 g fibre – 10.2 g sugar



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Breakfast pancakes

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