Even though it looks like we have known each other forever, we only met six years ago during the introduction week of our Bachelor’s degree Nutrition and Dietetics in Groningen. With “I really like your eyebrows” as an opening sentence, this was the beginning of an unbreakable friendship. As days went by and we were assigned to the same project, we found that we had a lot in common: we are both perfectionists, love music and we always got similar grades. It was meant to be and so, we started looking for a place where we could live together. Once moved in, we began cooking together and sharing our recipes online. @aboutfood_ma was born! We wanted to share recipes which were innovative and healthy without being pricey and time-consuming. Our motto is “Life is great because it is all about food!” which illustrates the importance of turning cooking into a fun activity, and was the inspiration behind the name of our Instagram account.

Whilst we looked separately for a Master’s degree, it is hardly surprising that we both fell for the Master’s Health Food Innovation Management.

As a leaving note, we would like to share this with you: “Healthy lifestyle is not a diet. Take it step by step, and don’t blame yourself if you eat something unhealthy”. After all, life is meant to be savoured!


Anna & Marit

Anna van der Scheer

Nutritionist/Health Food Innovator

Marit Veenstra

Nutritionist/Health Food Innovator